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#1 2022-06-23 14:55:50

Registered: 2022-05-02
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tray icon

hi all, where is the skype tray icon file?? the icon infuriates) I'll draw it myself but I need to replace it)) tell me in which directory it is located pliz...
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#2 2022-06-23 15:09:22

Registered: 2021-11-05
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Re: tray icon


That depends where you got it and on your current icon theme. Is it a Flatpak, AppImage, Snap, or regular a .deb package?

System-wide icons are located in /usr/share/icons.

xfconf-query --channel xsettings --property /Net/IconThemeName

will output the name of your current icon theme. The icons from its set will reside in its subdirectory, i.e. /usr/share/icons/YOUR_ICON_THEME.

Containerized software distribution platforms (Snap Store, Flatpak) ship icons separately, I believe.

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