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#1 2021-01-17 17:26:34

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Xubuntu lock screen showing up too late after reopening closed lid


I'm on Xubuntu 20.04.1 on a MacBookAir6,2 running kernel 5.4.0-60-generic. When I close my laptop's lid my machine suspends (the problem is reproducanle, when setting default action to just lock screen aswell). But when I open my lid, the screen turns on and shows the actual content for about 1~2 seconds before turning into the look screen.

This kind of defeats the purpose of the lock screen as you can see the content without unlocking. I am aware that closing and reopening the lid to have a 1~2 second glance at the actual content is tedious, but you shouldn't be able to see the screen even for a millisecond, when it's supposed to be locked.

I can easily reproduce the issue everytime I close my laptop's lid and reopen it. So far I haven't found any similiar issue or possible fix.

Regards Diadochokinetic


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